Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shrinky Dinks

So Friday was a snow day...minus snow. I didn't have anything planned, but knew I needed to kill time somehow (not like you really want to go to the zoo on a snow day). So we spent some time doing crafts--we made bouncy balls (out of a kit--could never replicate without), and shrinky dinks. Shrinky dinks were the biggest hit of all.
This little guy loved them. And yes, he's in his ninja outfit. Our biggest bargaining chip has now become shrinky dink time.

Cinderella loved them too.

My kids have gotten much better at the whole coloring concept. I've always been one to "let them color as they will" with a blank sheet of paper. But, since Kai has been in Kindergarten, he's learned about coloring in the lines & it's quite impressive. T is following suit. I was SO impressed with her little flower!

If you want to make some of your own out of recycled plastic, you can see a tutorial here. We found our kit on clearance at Target, but if they don't have more paper at Hobby Lobby, I'm going Green (actually, I have some #6 plastic ready to try out, whether or not they have more shrinky dink paper at hobby lobby!).
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