Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

From the Monster's Inc crew--Sully & Boo

About 8 years ago, I saw a little boy at the grocery store at Halloween wearing this Sully costume & he was adorable! I knew I had to have one for myself, so when I saw one listed on ebay for not very much, I jumped on it (it was off season of course!). Better yet, when the seller went to mail it, she realized there was a little hole in the horn, so she refunded me the cost of the costume & just had me pay shipping. Gosh...that was really unfortunate because a little thread fixed it up perfectly ;o) Kai couldn't fit into it until now (even though it's a 2-4T Costume!). And even though we purchased an Iron Man costume for him this year, once we pulled this out, it was over. Luckily it was cool enough to wear it too (just barely).

Of course, if I have a Sully, I have to have a Boo!

Here's my cute girl as Boo! She was totally on board with being Boo instead of a princess...until the day of our Trunk or Treat. And then she told Ryan (repeatedly) "I DO NOT WANT TO BE BOO." So, since I'd already made the costume, Ryan told her she couldn't get candy if she wasn't Boo...she quickly decided she was more than happy to wear her princess dresses around the house & Boo at our Trunk or Treat.

I was going to do a zipper or velcro down the back, but when I watched the movie, I realized the monsters just clipped her shut! So, here you have it...binder clips :)

They got lots of attention all night. This little boy went RUNNING up to Sully. So cute. Even a Mom asked if she could "pet" Kai. A little weird, but I guess it was just cause he looks (and was) awfully soft.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Did I tell you that Ryan broke my camera lens?  I don't think I did.  And taking pictures with my kit lens is just not as fun.  The good thing about someone else braking your treasured item is that they have to replace it...before Christmas!

Did I tell you that then I broke something of Ryan's?  Only his was more expensive.  So now we're even.  And I'm trying to get some motivation up to take pictures again.  Without my little lens that won't be replaced until Christmas.  Bummer.

Not much going on in the craft world here, but I'll hopefully get something done soon!  I am working on my quilt a long quilt that I started this summer.  I should have the quilt top pieced tomorrow :).  Then I'll have a photo to post.

Oh, and Chloe is finally going home.  Hopefully today!!  The first surgery did not work & they had to redo the process the following Tuesday.  To say I was stressed last week was an understatement.  And I am not even her mother!  She did look adorable in the gowns.

I'm working with the pattern creator to start a non profit together.  I even talked to the cardio Child Life Specialist while I visited Chloe & I'm feeling pretty positive that we may have found our first donation location.  Now, to register for a non-profit & to come up with a name!  Then you can all get to work making gowns & have a tax write off for them too!  Think 2011 :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bright & Cheery #2 & #3

Today, I made two of these:

Hospital gown front

Hospital gown back
(with a few pieces of velcro to avoid that embarassing bum shot!)

What kid wants to wear a drab blue hospital gown while they are recovering from surgery? I imagine this will make Chloe's stay a little more colorful!

The pattern is thanks to my friend Tammy. She had gone to the hospital with a mutual friend of ours whose son was going through cancer treatments. When they gave him his gown, he threw a fit--he did NOT want to wear a baby gown with teddy bears and balloons on it. So...creative & thoughtful Tammy "borrowed" one of those said gowns, took it apart, copied it, put it back together & returned it, with a bunch of other "BIG BOY" gowns with it...just for Ethan. She is truly thoughtful if you ask me. Now that we've both revisited this pattern, we are both thinking about ways to get these to other kids. And when we have it figured out, you might be the first to know (or the first to get asked to help!).

No news on Chloe's surgery yet. I'm anxiously waiting by my computer & phone for a text or an email...
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bright & Cheery for a Hospital Stay

Our friend's daughter is going into the hospital tomorrow to have open-heart surgery. Yes, she's four. And saying open-heart surgery at any age is scary, but especially so for a four year old! She'll be in the hospital for 10-14 days afterwards, so Kai and I have been trying to come up with things to do for her. We got her a care package with candy, snacks, a craft kit from hobby lobby, etc. But, I felt like she needed a little bit of color in her hospital room. So, here's part one of bright and cheery.

A butterfly pillowcase. I followed Dana's tutorial here.  So easy & fun.  I can see why she made 10 donate!  I know she'll bring one from home too, but this way, her mom can wash one and still have another at the hospital.

Part two of bright and cheery will make it's debut tomorrow. Or maybe Friday, depending on when I finish!

As for now, my house is clean (except for the "catch all the junk" room that is my craft room). So, I'm going to go clean my craft room. And then I'll be able to walk through it enough to make Bright & Cheery #2!

Say a little prayer for little Chloe that all goes well tomorrow!
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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Clutch...variation

So, I tried something new. I originally thought it needed 3 ruffles, but when I was sewing them on, it seemed like too much.   I'm waivering back to three. Maybe it'd be cuter if the ruffle fabric contrasted just a little bit more?  What do you think, compared to the gathered clutches?

Already gifted to my friend Andrea...albeit four (or maybe five) days after her birthday. She's still my friend though, I think :)

Next variation? A clutch that's just big enough to fit a size 4 diaper...would that still be a clutch? Unless my project next week is to really get my girl potty trained.  And that would be my most dreaded and hated project ever.

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