Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Did I tell you that Ryan broke my camera lens?  I don't think I did.  And taking pictures with my kit lens is just not as fun.  The good thing about someone else braking your treasured item is that they have to replace it...before Christmas!

Did I tell you that then I broke something of Ryan's?  Only his was more expensive.  So now we're even.  And I'm trying to get some motivation up to take pictures again.  Without my little lens that won't be replaced until Christmas.  Bummer.

Not much going on in the craft world here, but I'll hopefully get something done soon!  I am working on my quilt a long quilt that I started this summer.  I should have the quilt top pieced tomorrow :).  Then I'll have a photo to post.

Oh, and Chloe is finally going home.  Hopefully today!!  The first surgery did not work & they had to redo the process the following Tuesday.  To say I was stressed last week was an understatement.  And I am not even her mother!  She did look adorable in the gowns.

I'm working with the pattern creator to start a non profit together.  I even talked to the cardio Child Life Specialist while I visited Chloe & I'm feeling pretty positive that we may have found our first donation location.  Now, to register for a non-profit & to come up with a name!  Then you can all get to work making gowns & have a tax write off for them too!  Think 2011 :)


  1. Love this idea, when Macey had her surgery she had to wear a small adult gown. These would have made her feel more comfy. Count me in!

  2. I gasped out loud when I read the first paragraph. Then I laughed when I read about you breaking something of Ryans. I'm sure it was an accident, but I hope it felt good.

    I will help you with your non-profit in anyway I can.

  3. I want to make gowns for your non-profit! Let me know when and send me the pattern. You are seriously amazing!