Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bright & Cheery for a Hospital Stay

Our friend's daughter is going into the hospital tomorrow to have open-heart surgery. Yes, she's four. And saying open-heart surgery at any age is scary, but especially so for a four year old! She'll be in the hospital for 10-14 days afterwards, so Kai and I have been trying to come up with things to do for her. We got her a care package with candy, snacks, a craft kit from hobby lobby, etc. But, I felt like she needed a little bit of color in her hospital room. So, here's part one of bright and cheery.

A butterfly pillowcase. I followed Dana's tutorial here.  So easy & fun.  I can see why she made 10 donate!  I know she'll bring one from home too, but this way, her mom can wash one and still have another at the hospital.

Part two of bright and cheery will make it's debut tomorrow. Or maybe Friday, depending on when I finish!

As for now, my house is clean (except for the "catch all the junk" room that is my craft room). So, I'm going to go clean my craft room. And then I'll be able to walk through it enough to make Bright & Cheery #2!

Say a little prayer for little Chloe that all goes well tomorrow!
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  1. I love the hospital gown and the pillow case. These things are SO meaningful to little ones (and big ones!) when they are in the hospital.

    Shortly before my daughter turned 7, we found out she had a brain mass (she suddenly went into partial seizures.. and within the week was having a craniotomy). Our friends filled her room with beautiful banners, colorful toys, and fun projects for her to do in bed. She didn't really do much after her surgery except just LOOK at the pretty stuff, but she said the colors cheered her up.

    What a sweet thing for you to do for someone else!