Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

From the Monster's Inc crew--Sully & Boo

About 8 years ago, I saw a little boy at the grocery store at Halloween wearing this Sully costume & he was adorable! I knew I had to have one for myself, so when I saw one listed on ebay for not very much, I jumped on it (it was off season of course!). Better yet, when the seller went to mail it, she realized there was a little hole in the horn, so she refunded me the cost of the costume & just had me pay shipping. Gosh...that was really unfortunate because a little thread fixed it up perfectly ;o) Kai couldn't fit into it until now (even though it's a 2-4T Costume!). And even though we purchased an Iron Man costume for him this year, once we pulled this out, it was over. Luckily it was cool enough to wear it too (just barely).

Of course, if I have a Sully, I have to have a Boo!

Here's my cute girl as Boo! She was totally on board with being Boo instead of a princess...until the day of our Trunk or Treat. And then she told Ryan (repeatedly) "I DO NOT WANT TO BE BOO." So, since I'd already made the costume, Ryan told her she couldn't get candy if she wasn't Boo...she quickly decided she was more than happy to wear her princess dresses around the house & Boo at our Trunk or Treat.

I was going to do a zipper or velcro down the back, but when I watched the movie, I realized the monsters just clipped her shut! So, here you have it...binder clips :)

They got lots of attention all night. This little boy went RUNNING up to Sully. So cute. Even a Mom asked if she could "pet" Kai. A little weird, but I guess it was just cause he looks (and was) awfully soft.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

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  1. So cute. When I was pregnant with Rebecca we called her Boo after that little girl and also because she was going to be an October birthday. It was her nickname for awhile once she was born but didn't stick.

  2. You are awesome and smart and thrifty! Come visit!

  3. Cutest costumes (and kids) at the Trunk or Treat!!!
    Boo's squeeky shoes topped it off!!

  4. SOO cute and you did an awesome job on the BOO costume!!