Friday, October 1, 2010

A Clutch...variation

So, I tried something new. I originally thought it needed 3 ruffles, but when I was sewing them on, it seemed like too much.   I'm waivering back to three. Maybe it'd be cuter if the ruffle fabric contrasted just a little bit more?  What do you think, compared to the gathered clutches?

Already gifted to my friend Andrea...albeit four (or maybe five) days after her birthday. She's still my friend though, I think :)

Next variation? A clutch that's just big enough to fit a size 4 diaper...would that still be a clutch? Unless my project next week is to really get my girl potty trained.  And that would be my most dreaded and hated project ever.

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  1. I like it with two ruffles. Go for the potty training! She is ready. Surely you want to avoid 2 in diapers!

  2. Cute just the way it is. I'd go for the potty-training, but you can still make a diaper "clutch" for pull-ups or a change of undies and pants. If you do make one, let me know because I've been thinking along the same lines and it will be definitely be awhile before mine is potty-trained. :)