Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bright & Cheery #2 & #3

Today, I made two of these:

Hospital gown front

Hospital gown back
(with a few pieces of velcro to avoid that embarassing bum shot!)

What kid wants to wear a drab blue hospital gown while they are recovering from surgery? I imagine this will make Chloe's stay a little more colorful!

The pattern is thanks to my friend Tammy. She had gone to the hospital with a mutual friend of ours whose son was going through cancer treatments. When they gave him his gown, he threw a fit--he did NOT want to wear a baby gown with teddy bears and balloons on it. So...creative & thoughtful Tammy "borrowed" one of those said gowns, took it apart, copied it, put it back together & returned it, with a bunch of other "BIG BOY" gowns with it...just for Ethan. She is truly thoughtful if you ask me. Now that we've both revisited this pattern, we are both thinking about ways to get these to other kids. And when we have it figured out, you might be the first to know (or the first to get asked to help!).

No news on Chloe's surgery yet. I'm anxiously waiting by my computer & phone for a text or an email...
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  1. They are lovely. And so, so thoughtful.

  2. If you need help making more, count me in. Elizabeth and I were just talking about the hundreds of kids admitted to the hospital everyday, that sure could use even the tiniest bit of cheery.

  3. Those are awesome. What a great idea and very thoughtful. I would love to get involved if you want to grow the project!! Lots of prayers for Chloe and her mom!!

  4. Can I just say one thing.......
    YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That was SO nice of you Jen!! Poor Brenya and Chloe!!! Let me know too if you want help making gowns!

  6. I just read the last two posts Jen - you ARE the best and the gowns and pillow case were AWESOME and totally helped cheer up Chloe and make her yucky hospital room cute! And I can't even tell you the number of people that commented on them! Can't wait to donate material for you to sew more! (Since I am not talented in that area...) Thanks again for everything! You helped us SOOOO much!! Oh, and Chloe is doing awesome!