Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Felt Clips

Don't mind the crusty look. That's just Teagan.

But at least it's a cute clip, right? I've seen lots of tutorials on line for felt clips, but I couldn't find one that didn't require prescision cutting, tracing, or patterns (I'm sure they're out there though!).  So this is how I do mine (the perfect project to do while watching TV. No sewing. No hot glue. Just a needle & embroidery floss).

This is what I started with. I cut white rectangles to cover the clip, pink & white circles, and a green leaf.  The floss matches my flower pieces.  My flowers are very "Mary Engelbreity-y."  Simple is good, right?

I estimate where the top of the clip will be & sew the flower right onto the felt. Make sure you get all 4 pieces of felt in so that the leaf doesn't fall off. I sew it on just like a button (and may try a button next time!).
On the other rectangle,cut a small slit big enough for the bottom part of the snap clip to slide through.
 Then sew the two pieces together with a cute running stitch.  Stay as close to the clip as possible (you won't be able to see the clip because it's sandwiched between the felt, so I try to make my needle hit the clip on every stitch).  Trim off the excess felt, making sure to keep the shape looking cute, and voila:
The plain one is even easier--obviously.  And if your lucky, after you get your crusty looks, you might get a smile like this:

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