Thursday, April 15, 2010's a punch.

A few people have asked me how I did the butterflies on my wall, so I thought I would do a little explaining (no tutorial needed). Yes, I borrowed a punch from my dear, amazing & talented friend, Kristi. She had this adorable thing just laying around her house (I've seen it at Hobby Lobby, but she's better than Hobby Lobby).

I got a piece of wood at Lowe's -- 1"x12"x48" & had them cut it into 12" squares. (At $.25 per cut after the first cut, I feel a lot better about going here and doing a ton of her projects without my own saw!) I sanded, painted, sanded again & added a hanger. I punched a ton of butterflies out of scraps--make sure to have a good mix of prints & solids--then adhered them to the board with a glue dot. You want to make sure the glue dot is either small or cut it so that is fits on just the body. Then you can bend the wings up like so:

I cute. For the big butterfly, I enlarged one of my punches & used the copy as a stencil. I Mod Podged it onto the board and was done. The hardest part of the whole project was getting the spacing right (2 rulers and a pencil was how I ended up doing it).

I'm temped to put some of these butterflies on T's tree!
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  1. you are silly, I wasn't serious about giving me credit, but thanks, and thanks for the butterflies, I'll try to not let them just sit around the house for too long!