Friday, December 10, 2010

My Mantle


Ta da! Here's my finished mantle. I made a total of six stockings...just in case. Four will work splendidly for this year! The two other stockings I had to tuck back into storage before I could take pictures... Teagan was dragging them around the house and stashing things in them. Cute...but I'd like them to be useable for the next 20 years at least?!

I love adding to my Santa collection, or should I say, my mom likes adding to my Santa collection & I'm grateful that she does! One of those is even hand made by a childhood friend's grandma!

Now if only I'd found the motivation last January to make a tree skirt & advent caledar...
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  1. I've loved seeing the stockings each day. I may just have to copy you. Cute Cute Cute!

  2. Your mantle is super cute! I have been less than motivated to make us stockings since I don't know how many to make...I thought that maybe I would just buy a few extra yards of fabric, but making the stockings ahead of time would probably be the best idea. Maybe next year! :)

  3. Lovely mantle! Beautiful stockings! You are just sooo inspiring and creative!! You are amazing sweet Jen!! XO <3

  4. Oh and don't worry about the tree skirt...just drape some of your fabric around the base of the tree, it works just as well (it is what we do most times when we decorate). XO

  5. Someday I'll own a sewing machine. How many times have I posted that comment? Like 70?