Monday, June 28, 2010

I Love Clearance Sales

I have a hard time resisting price tags that look like this:

Teagan should be able to wear this pair until she's like 5! With my skinny girl (and capris being cool), we can get away with wearing jeans ---> capris for a LONG time.

They had this adorable flower at the bottom of both legs. It is a super cute flower, but not quite my style & it limits what she can wear them with. Luckily, thanks to blog land, I now thing outside the box, and bought them in two sizes.

A few pokes with my seam ripper & they now look like this. Much more versatile, huh? Oh, and I'm holding onto those may seem them on a onesie someday...or maybe on a hair clip. I have four to play with, so they'll definitely resurface.
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  1. You are my kinda gal! Those tags get me every time too!! :)
    I was just re-thinking a purchase I made at Michaels last weekend. really, sherry?? a floral that is kinda bent but ever so cheap, with it's mark down price and my additional 15% coupon....!?!? I always make more work for myself! hA!!! But in the end I shall be so proud of it! right!?!?! :)