Monday, September 13, 2010

Asking for help

I don't like to ask for help very often...but sometimes I get desperate. And I'm sorry, but when the pattern for your daughter's flower girl dress is written in a foreign language (well, not all of it was foreign, just the parts I couldn't undertand), it's time to get desperate. So my friend Amie's sister Beth  came to my rescue (did you get that?  Yes, my genius sewing friend who moved to Colorado called her sister for me!). Thank you Beth (and Amie for making the call!). She taught how to make these adorable puffed sleeves:

And talked me through finishing the dress. Except the zipper--her response to the zipper was, "call my mom and she'll do it for you!"  And I'm sure she would too!  They are those types of people :).  Today, I am getting more help from another friend (thanks Looli!) and will be installing the zipper this morning (if all goes well!).   I, seriously, am so grateful for so many talented people in my life.

PS--I'll be trimming all those loose strands, don't worry.  But my goodness, taffeta frays like mad!
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  1. I so want to cry right now! I miss having a go-to craft person! T will look darling in her dress. Good luck!

  2. I turned out so great! I knew you could do it! There is not one thing that you have set out to do that did not turn out FANTASTIC! You are AWESOME!