Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kindergarten Book Bags

At our curriculum night, Kai's kindergarten teacher asked if anyone "crafty, or good at that type of stuff" would be willing to write the kids names on their book bags. Ryan nudged me...I think he was hoping that by volunteering, I would get "in" with the teacher. I, of course, was up to proving my craftiness. I decided to freezer paper the names on (against the advice of two friends!). I had to do the paint pretty thick to get it to show up on the black, so it did seep through a bit, and they are definitely not perfect. But, black sharpie works wonders, I tell you!

The question is, does it need anything else? A blue star underneath? Or should I just call it good & be glad that they are done. All 22 of them.

Oh, and as a word of advice on freezer paper stencils:

--You do not have to trace onto the freezer paper first. The paper is sheer enough that you can use your exacto directly over what you are tracing. It eliminates a step.
--Rulersare a great help for keeping straight edges straight.
--For some reason, the freezer paper left residue where I had ironed it on some of the bags. Just be forewarned that this could happen to you on dark surfaces (again, thanks black sharpie!)
--Use a Cricut to cut out your design! (finally wishing I had one)

By the time I do this again, I hope I have a silhouette instead. Then I could just heat transfer the letters. Hmmm...I need to win one of those give aways.
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  1. Looks great! I would leave them as is and save yourself from any added stress. Kids are happy just to see their names. I am coveting the Silhouette, too. I have a Cricut but don't use it much b/c I only have one catridge/font and they are so expensive to get more. If you do win a Silhouette, please share the love. :)