Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Little Flower Girl

Isn't she adorable? She even performed well...sort of. She took her assignment of dropping petals VERY seriously. She dropped maybe 2 petals as she walked down the aisle and at the end she stood there dropping pile after pile of petals. And once her basket was empty, she was done. Michelle had a nice pile of petals to stand on during the ceremony!

And this isn't my favorite picture of the bunch, but I'll save my favorite for my Christmas Card (probably at least...we had family pictures taken while we were in Utah, but my kids looked so adorable at the wedding, I'm not sure I can resist!). Hey, both of these are my main projects in the making, so they count, right?

After we finally get unpacked, groceries bought, house cleaned & kids back to normal, I MAY actually work on some new projects! Anyone have any great ideas?
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  1. My recommendation is....come hang out with me and lets play in my studio together!!