Monday, March 1, 2010

Define Project?

I think laundry should count as a project. Especially 5 loads.
*Please don't mind Kai's unmentionables. We sure do go through a lot of those.*
But in case I'm not counting laundry, which I think I do, I did make my first Texas sheet cake (after being in Texas for almost FOUR years now!). It's Pioneer Woman's recipe and Kai "rubbed his tummy" it was that good. This is in celebration of the finale tonight of a beloved show. Who will win? Vienna? Tenley? Only Reality Steve can tell us. And heading to get that link, I see that he had a nearly 2 hour interview with Roz! Perhaps too much Bachelor is getting in the way of my crafty projects. Forgive me.
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1 comment:

  1. Laundry is DEFIANTLY a "project". Just not a fun one!
    Texas Sheet Cake is a yummy project! Have a great day!