Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time for Beds

Today was project day, in a big way. Teagan's room was pastel sage (think ugly mint) is now a pretty, icy blue (thanks in no part to our own efforts mind you...a big thanks to some lovely friends who auctioned off their services!). This bed was black this morning and is now white. Love spray paint. Don't love the cramp in your hand leftover from using six cans. On to the tree mural...and painting the nightstand...and finding a new dresser...and doing something cool with her lamp. I thought about painting it pink, but I might be too boring. I may just do something cool to the lampshade instead.
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  1. I totally wanted to talk projects and completely forgot. I love the paint color and the bed. When you work on the mural, I'd love to drop by and see it in-process--and tips from the soon-to-be-expert would be awesome too. Good luck...let me know if you need help or would like Teagan to come over to play one day!

  2. I want to see!! Ready for the overhead?

  3. I cannot wait! I bet it is going to be great! I just made the girls curtains and bought the curtain rod. Now just to paint! I bet Teagan's room is going to be AWESOME! I will need pointers on the mural! Thanks Jen for your inspiration!