Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not so fun

I've hemmed 3 pairs of Ryan's pants...that may not feel like much, but it's a huge nagging project off of my to-do list. I make him buy things that are too long because they are so cheap (like these pants, which I got an additional 45% off...$9 for a pair of pants for work is not too shabby). I always promise to hem them. Sometimes it just takes me 6 months (or 3 years as was the case the first time I learned to hem).

Today was going to be a "start-drawing-Teagan's-tree-mural" day. That's up next. I think.
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  1. Sometimes the projects aren't the most fun. Like making two dresses just like the one you just made, but in different sizes! But our joy will be when they wear them. If they wear them... please let them wear them... they better wear them or else!