Monday, May 10, 2010

An Apron

I'm not a big apron wearer...but after getting all those pesky holes in my shirt, I'm trying to wear one when working in the kitchen. I liked this pattern online because it serves the purpose of simply covering my midsection. I've seen much cuter patterns, but this one is super simple and fast.  And that's always good for me.

Has anyone found a solution to the holes in the shirts? Are they from our zippers? Is it my button rubbing on the counter? I know I'm not alone in this problem.
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  1. Super cute. Love the fabric.

  2. Yep. I have to say from the button of your jeans. I have the EXACT same problem and it makes me grouchy.

  3. every shirt of mine! It's the button and pokey part of the seam there that do it. I have a hard time remembering to wear aprons, and it's so hot! When I get my new ruffler foot for my machine, I'll make you a "flirty" apron.