Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Toddler Backpack

I made this adorable Toddler Backpack for a friends baby. It was super easy because there's no closure on the back--it's just a flap, which makes it manageable for toddler and baby hands.

Because she modeled it, she believes it belongs to her. Hmm...I may have to make a second. In pink.

I personalized it with an "M" for Max.

And yes, Teagan is wearing her completed Market Skirt. Luckily, I've convinced her it's a "princess dress." Otherwise, it wouldn't see the light of day (like all of the shorts, capris, pants and T-shirt in her dresser).
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  1. You are amazing Jenny. Do you seriously do a project a day? I wish I could do that. The backpack is adorable.

  2. VERY cute!!
    Both the backpack and the model!!

  3. Jodi took my post right out of my fingers. So very cute and your model makes it all the cuter.

  4. Thanks all! No...I don't really do a project a day. Some days I do 5 :) Then I might do nothing for a week. I just try to post once a day. I have time in the evening when Ryan goes fishing to do what I like & that's when I squeeze in my crafts. My posts will taper off once I start working on my big projects (quilt, dresser refinish, my brother's wedding invites, etc). But for now, some of these 15 minute projects are sure helping me look productive!

  5. What takes you 15 minutes would take me five hours. You are awesome. And I love TT's hair! SO CUTE!!