Thursday, May 20, 2010


Anyone watch Cougartown? My guilty pleasure--I love the show & I love Jules' house!  Sort of pathetic these days that I can't watch TV without noticing fabric, colors, furniture, etc.  Maybe it's a good thing, but Ryan *might* be a bit tired of me yelling, "PAUSE-PAUSE-PAUSE--look at how they framed those..."

Courtney Cox (Jules) has these adorable letters in her kitchen that spell E-A-T. Bright, colorful, and from Anthropology. For $14 each.  So I made my own.  For $1 each.  Different, cheaper, but they essentially do the same thing. Now, to decide if I can put them in the perfect spot, which is currently the home to our wall clock. Not sure I can give that up.

PS--This is just scrapbook paper mod podged on chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby.  Oh, and sorry to those of you who got a sneak peak of this in your google reader.  My secret's out.  I worked on this project over a week ago & accidently hit Publish when it was sitting in my drafts.  Not cool...I can't afford to make more than one post a day!  
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  1. I just made some of thosse, too, before I even saw yours!