Thursday, May 6, 2010

Steel Stamps

First, an apology to my friends to whom I said, "Let's steel stamp together!" I had to get these shipped for Mother's day & at least now I've gotten through the trial and error bit...I'm still up for an evening of steel stamping.

I saw this about inital necklaces & knew I had to try it. After MANY failed necklaces (those charms are CHEAP in all ways), this is the best I could come up with (shipped off to my SIL who had a new baby yesterday):

So, I decided to try these (I had grabbed them to experiment with). They say "Made with Love" on the front, but the back is solid. Hmm...

So much better. Sure, if your necklace flips, it doesn't look as nice, but 10 tags for $1.24 (50% off right now at HL), you really can't go wrong. And until I really decide to invest in good supplies at Beaducation, it will do.
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  1. I LOVE it! Where did you get your stamps? I was going to get them at Harbor Freight. Please let me know your trial and error!

  2. Harbor Freight :) They are on sale this week and I found a coupon online...

  3. Funny! I was steel stamping for Mother's Day this week too. I love how yours came out.

  4. I want to come to your steel stamping party! I have always wanted to know how to make these! Happy Mother's Day, Jen!