Friday, May 28, 2010

Self-Binding Blanket

I swore I would never make a blanket like this again. I've made my fair share and none of them have turned out perfectly.  In fact, my mom made some the other day--I warned her not to, but she proceeded anyway & had to live with the frustration.  Perhaps it's because we make them with minky.  And minky is NOT fun to work with.

 The other day I dragged T to ThreadArt (perhaps for the 5th time in a two week period). She always grabs things--purses, lunch bags, buttons, etc & carries them around the store--my new friend there, Claudia, is so nice and patient with her (and with me because I always put her "toys" back in the wrong places).  This time, T immediately grabbed this hot pink piece of minky, plopped herself down on the ground & started saying, "blanket, blanket...[insert me trying to take it away] MY BLANKET!!!"  It was only $4 for the precut yard...what could I do?  Especially when they had this cute flannel to go with it!?

I pinned it like mad and it actually turned out nicely. Perhaps the pictures in the tutorial helped...or maybe I'm getting to be a better seamstress...or maybe both. It's still not perfect, but it's a vast improvement from my previous attempts two years ago.  

And she loves it. And that's all that matters. And yes, she has bed head.
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  1. Super Cute! I am glad that they are turning out for you. I really like this blanket!

  2. so cute!! Self binding with Minky is SOOO hard. The blankies I make for Laynie with minky and satin always end up looking like a Activity Days project gone wrong.

  3. Oh, you made her SO happy! That's got to feel good! I love these blankets! I'm just about to make another one too. . .with minky, only b/c it was the only chocolate brown good looking fabric I could find to go with some cute monkeys. :)

  4. Cute blanket, cute girl!!
    You do good work!