Monday, May 24, 2010


I have a special bond with Kai's friend Gavin...perhaps it's because he loves Obama.  I really wanted to finish this next project before the kids and I ventured to DC...alas, I did not.  But can you imagine this picture with the boys in Obama capes?  Fantastic!  (No, they are not holding hands, just running)
Gavin lives in Virginia now, so he'll enjoy plenty of adventures to DC.  This will have to do for the next time he heads to The White House:

Flip it over?  He's Superman.  Loved the tutorial here.  

I used cotton fabric instead of felt & appliqued like normal.  And yes, as soon as I finished this one for Gav, I had to scurry off and make one for Kai.  But he wanted Batman instead of Obama.   The shame.
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  1. I want one!! How does Becky feel about Gavin's Obama love?

  2. Becky loves that I love that Gavin loves Obama. I think she even loves that Gavin loves Obama...and I think she may even let him wear it!