Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo Book

So...thanks to the quick USPS, this is already in Becky's hands. But, I had to post it anyway...photobooks may not be instant gratification, but they're still a project. And I love them.

And aren't our boys delicious!?
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  1. Yes! They are the cutest boys in the whole world. There is no debating that matter. We ALL love the book. Laynie thinks it's awesome to see herself on the pages. She keeps telling my, "I'm Rella, Mom!" Apparently since she's in a book, she's now a storybook character. You are awesome!!

  2. Jen... how have i not seen your blog before. this is awesome. I'm starting a list of projects for the summer break, the girls will love these things. I love photo books too. Did you use blurb? The book quality looks great!

  3. Liz--I used MyPublisher through Costco. They always have great coupons and sales. I did use shutterfly the other day (on a different book) and I liked MyPublisher better. I haven't used blurb yet, but I hear it's great for blogs books!